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The Work Coach – Heinz Meisnitzer


Training to be a Coach for The Work (vtw)

This Training to be a Coach for The Work within the framework of the vtw (Verband für The Work of Byron Katie) is for those who work in areas that help people and for those that want to get to know themselves better and want to make peace with their thinking.


Preconditions for the admittance for the training is the participation in Intensive Seminars with at least 4 seminar days, or other comparable days to intensive seminars with The Work. Whoever has visited the School for The Work of Byron Katie or has participated in it is also within their rights to be admitted to this training.

Training Period

The training consists of 14 seminar days altogether that are split into two modules. The main focus is to meet your own story with understanding through your own experience with The Work. The experiences with our own process make it possible for us to facilitate others without fear. In the training we learn to work with others, relaxed and professional, with The Work. The practical exercise is supported through some theoretical elements.

Training Content

The worksheet, birth family and relationships, judgements, the basis of projection, the turnarounds, realizing underlying beliefs, criticism as a friend, clear communication, motives for facilitation, money and work, the relationship with the client, the sub-questions, “difficult” clients, The Work as meditation, when The Work doesn’t work, to facilitate yourself, the body and death, to anchor The Work in daily life, working with groups, working with couples, and presentation.

Training Cost

  • Module 1: 950.- + 20% Vat. (7 days)
  • Module 2: 950.- + 20% Vat. (7 days)


Heinz Meisnitzer and Colette Grünbaum

The seminars are held in Austria. There are training units between the modules to be completed in a buddy system and self facilitation has to be documented. Additionally, two telephone meetings have to be participated in, as part of the programme.