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The Work Coach – Heinz Meisnitzer


The Work of Byron Katie – facilitated by Heinz Meisnitzer

The Work of Byron Katie – facilitated by Heinz Meisnitzer

Wonderful that you are here!

I am a Certified Facilitator and Teaching Coach for The Work of Byron Katie and offer individual sessions, seminars and trainings.

The Work is a a simple method to find inner balance and peace. This method is easy to learn and helps us to identify thoughts that bring us stress and to question them. This can be used be used for “small everyday worries” or as well as for the tackling of big problems e.g. relationship conflicts, work problems, money worries or illness.

For myself, The Work has helped me to find a totally new level of freedom and has brought a deeply felt harmony to my life. This knowledge / experience I gladly pass on to you. You will find an overview of all offers on my Events Page.Through my membership of the ITW (Institute for The Work) and the German speaking vtw (Verband für The Work of Byron Katie) I am part of an International Network.

Find out more about The Work or contact me any time for more information.